Our Support Workers

At Grace Health and Social care, we take as much of a personal approach with our support workers as we do with our clients. Each and every one of our support workers are unique and bring something different to the company. However, one aim unites them all; the desire to improve the quality of life and independence of the clients that they are supporting. We take great pride in the way that we support our colleagues, we are always only a phone call away and happy to provide them with any kind of help or training if they feel they would benefit, and are always here to answer any questions they may have.


We always make sure that every one of our support workers is a good fit for both our client and our company, and because of this, we have a very rigorous selection process. We ensure that every support worker meet a specific criteria. Firstly, we:

  • Verify Identification

  • Verify references

  • Obtain relevant criminal record checks

  • Explore employment histories

  • Verify given qualifications

  • Assess training levels 

Once the prospective colleague has passed the initial screening, we will then invite them for the first stage of the interview. After the first stage of the interview, we then select 2 candidates who we feel best match the criteria of the client who we then invite for the final interview which will be conducted with the client who will have the final decision on who their support worker will be. We feel that this process gives control to the client, but also allow the prospective support worker to familiarise them self with us as a company and also the client. We encourage question asking and are very responsive; we like to make our interview process as interactive as possible and ensure the candidate feels relaxed. All of our support workers are also comfortable with Guide Dogs and will be able to transport the Guide Dog in their vehicle (if applicable).

To ensure that our support workers are able to carry out their role with confidence, we include mandatory initial training before their start date. This training continues the duration of their employment with us, we conduct these sessions based on the feedback of both clients and support workers themselves, to ensure that the support workers always have the necessary skills and tools they need to carry out their role successfully and confidently. Our initial and ongoing training includes:

  • Understanding different eye conditions

  • What is meant by useful vision

  • How much vision a registered blind individual may have left

  • Guide Dog etiquette 

  • Understanding how eye conditions can change over time

  • One to one guiding

  • Using verbal cues to guide

  • Assistive technology

  • Safeguarding


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