Grace Health and Social Care Ltd was established in 2017 by director Ronnie Chikwama, who realised that there was a huge gap in the market for support services that are specially tailored to those with a visual impairment. After 17 years of working within the visual impairment field, Ronnie decided that it was time that something was done in order to help assist visually impaired people to maintain their independence and have access to all the same opportunities that those without a visual impairment take for granted, 3 months later Grace Health and Social Care was incorporated and gained its first client.

What sets us apart from the care agencies that you would usually associate with a support worker, is that our main aim is to promote independence and equal opportunity specifically for those with a visual impairment.  Conditions that affect the eyes do not care how old you are and they affect people of all ages, often causing significant enough loss to deem a person to register sight impaired and/or eventually severely sight impaired (blind). As a result of this we have clients of all ages, who do not want to be help back in any way by their condition, and in turn, need a support worker who is there to help promote their independence. Much of the support we provide for clients entails assisting them with tasks that they find a little more difficult now they are visually impaired, these include tasks such as assisting them to do their shopping, administrative tasks in their workplace or simply assisting them to take their dog for a walk.

With a wealth of industry experience, and seeing first hand the lack of tailored support that is often there specifically for visually impaired people, we take a personal interest in each and every carer and client. We are small enough to pay attention to the finer details, yet big enough to provide an exceptional service to both our clients and our valued support workers. We are a team of caring and passionate individuals, who love what we do, working from our head office in Bolton, Greater Manchester, matching and co coordinating support workers all over the UK. 

Our Vision

Our Values

Our Mission

"We see a world where every person has equal opportunities in life"

"To provide proactive and innovative services that are accessible to all who may need them"


We consider it our duty to give a voice to all of our clients, partners and colleagues


All our work is carried out with dignity and we celebrate out differences


All people are equal in our view. This is reflected in all our practices

*People's Rights

We recognise human rights, and respect the wishes of others

"I am proud to be part of the Grace Team. This is the team which enables our organisation to achieve all we have done thus far. Their extraordinary dedication to our clients and their families is commendable. I personally applaud all our Support Workers, our Personal Assistants, our Admin Assistants and our back office colleagues. All have persistently been excellent and they always go above and beyond their job descriptions in working towards achieving the vision for our organisation. Should you have any enquiry, I invite you to contact the Grace Team who will welcome the opportunity attend to you.You are never alone, we are here for you."   


 - Ronnie Chikwama, Director


Grace Health and Social Care

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